9 am Holy Communion

3 pm  Postpartum Support Meeting

8 pm  AA



6:30 pm Cub Scouts (during school year)



11 am Bible Study 



9 am  Respite Care 


8 pm  AA

Respite Care Charleston


Martin Luther Church is home to Respite Care Charleston, a service and support for those with dementia.  For more information click on


All Activities have been halted until further notice.  

Postpartum Support Charleston


Martin Luther Church is host site for Sunday afternoon Postpartum Support Charleston meetings at 3 PM.  For more information click on www.ppdsupport.org.

Watch a Postpartum Support Charleston Featured Segment from ABC News 4



There are so many opportunities for ministry that we are excited to offer.  Take time to look over the opportunities and make yourself available for the things that interest you.

SUNDAY STUDY AFTER 9 AM WORSHIP SERVICE.  You are invited to attend the Sunday Study group each Sunday (except Brunch Sundays) in the Fellowship Hall for “Honoring Our Neighbor's Faith.”   Each Sunday (except Brunch Sundays) we will discover more about the faith of our neighbors.  Wonderful discussion and interesting thoughts are shared!  Join us!


The “Daily Discipleship” is available in the Narthex for an expansion of the Worship Service and Gospel today.  Please pick up a copy and use if at home with your daily devotions.


The Cub Scouts have designed and mounted a Blessings Box to assist the hungry in our midst.  They encourage all to take what you need and give what you can.  We thank the Cub Scouts and appreciate their acts of caring in our community. 

Beside the Blessings Box are two Little Library Boxes - one is for children and one is for older readers.  

All Worship Services and Activities have been halted until further notice.  

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